4 Reasons Why You Probably Need WPC Siding

WPC Siding is a composite material made of 55% wood fibers, 35% Grade A recycled HDPE, and 10% additives. Among other classic siding material options, WPC rose to popularity because of its non maintenance and durable properties. It comes in different swatches, which need not to be repainted nor varnished to achieve the desired aesthetic and natural appearance. WPC Siding can be applied in any exterior locations, because it is resistant to weather changes as well. Here are some reasons why you probably need to install WPC Siding in your home:

1. Your geographical location requires you to.

The material composition of WPC Siding provides good resistance against weather elements, whether rain or shine. Residential buildings near coastal areas for example, may have a limited choice for sidings because water may cause material decay quicker. For this reason, WPC is the best material to use because it is termite resistant and water resistant which keeps the structure from immediate damages. It is also UV resistant, which helps retain its color for a long time. Aside from coastal areas, WPC Siding is ideal to use for any residential or commercial applications, whether for new  projects or renovations.

2. You want to increase the value of your property.

While it may not be the main purpose of sidings, it can still provide the much needed upgrade you want for your home visually. With a variety of options available in color and texture, WPC Siding gives you freedom to personalize your home to whatever architectural style your house may have, and create an environment that can bring you comfort and joy upon looking at it. Eventually, when you’re looking to sell your home, a fresher, newer look and a well-maintained home with minimal damages does not only mean that the home is taken care of, it can also guarantee a sale from the right buyers. 

3. You want to improve your insulation and home waterproofing.

While your siding must look good on the outside, it should provide protection to your home as well. Fluctuating temperatures can significantly affect the energy consumption inside the home, accumulating more expenses. WPC Siding serves as the protective barrier and first line of defense to keep the home from the damages of moisture and the sun. 

4. You’re looking for ways to preserve the home.

If you’re consistently on the lookout for new materials to use to upgrade your home, then WPC Siding is for you. One of the most important reasons why investing in the home’s protection is necessary is that preserving the home will give you financial benefits in the long run. Ensuring that the home is protected from moisture, pests, or the sun, minimizes the risk for damage, saves you repair costs, and gives you emotional security and stability. 

WPC Siding is Decocity’s newest product offering for exterior finishing use. Trevo WPC Siding is available in Teak, Graphite Grey, Aurora Brown, and Oak, and is available in all Polylite and Decocity stores nationwide. Contact Decocity for more information.

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