Discover Our Ceiling Applications for your Interiors

Decocity brings stunning ceiling installations to your home or office with little to no effort. Browse our various finishes and colors for expertly made ceiling cladding.

Decocity Brings High-Quality Ceilings & More

Ceilings are often an overlooked part of our homes. However, featuring the right items and designs on your ceiling can completely change that. Here are some of the reasons why Decocity is a good option for your space.


Ceiling Décor, Simplified

Say goodbye to having to use droplights, chandeliers, and skylights just to add visual interest to your ceiling. Our plastic wall and ceiling panels are simple yet stunning options for ceilings that start conversations and completely change the look and feel of a room.

In-House Services

From design to installation, you can count on Decocity to put up your ceiling claddings while you focus on completing the rest of your space with the right decorations and furniture pieces. Secure your ceiling from a trusted PVC ceiling panel supplier in the Philippines for a fresh and seamless experience!


What are the Benefits of Using Decocity CEILING PRODUCTS?

Utilizing Decocity as your ceiling cladding of choice can provide you with the following benefits:


Different Design Options

With so many styles available when it comes to our interiors, it is important to collaborate with a supplier that can provide you with various finishes and colors that are sure to complement your space. Ceiling claddings in particular also have their own unique structural differences. From a v-joint to a DU-joint ceiling cladding, you have the freedom to take your pick.


Long-Lasting Ceiling Installations

Each and every one of our projects comes with built-in water and mold resistance, as well as defenses against termite attacks. Preventing corrosion preserves the integrity of your ceiling applications and extends their lifespan.


Seamless Wall and Ceiling Combinations

Our different wall and ceiling finishes can make interior combinations a breeze. Create seamless transitions and the illusion of a high ceiling with matching ceiling and wall panel applications for the illusion of a stylish, airy, and spacious room.










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