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Decocity provides premium interior and construction materials for use in both professional and personal projects. Make a space truly your own by getting in touch with us for a quotation.


Decocity is more than just a material source—it is a creative concept store devoted to bringing integrated solutions that lend character to mundane spaces. From walling material to unique ceiling finishes, Decocity has no shortage of creative options for residential and commercial projects!

Our Products

Decocity carries a wide variety of products for your residential and commercial needs. Explore the following products for your residential or commercial needs.


Our high-pressure laminates are an excellent design choice for its versatile beauty. Create stunning walling installations or surfaces and cabinetry in kitchen and living spaces with our high-pressure laminates’ various colors, styles, and finishes.


Want stunning ceilings that are both durable while also filled with character? Our PVC ceiling panels are a great ceiling option that can withstand the unpredictable Philippine weather while fitting your style.

PVC Soffit offers an integral solution in making the home exterior look seamless and cohesive. With PVC as the material, it becomes a rigid but flexible plastic that also helps preserve the home’s structural integrity.


Our WPC wall panels come in a variety of colors and finishes such as WPC fluted panels and WPC corrugated panels, which you can incorporate into your space for a more cohesive look to your home or building exterior. Achieve the resiliency you need without compromising your desired style.

Outdoor wall panels should be durable and weather resistant from long term exposure against sun and rain, a quality that our outdoor panels have. Transform your exterior space with a robust material like outdoor wall panels.

WPC Columns boast of multiple features that makes it an elegant addition to your interior. It provides stellar performance in several applications in your interior, ranging from residential to commercial spaces.

Round up the overall flooring experience with a material that looks good, feels warm, and stays firm for a long period of time. Use our SPC flooring for your interior needs.

Exterior flooring needs a material that can withstand the dynamic weather conditions that come its way. Save both time and money to design your outdoor space with an easy to install and maintenance free material like WPC Decking. 

The Benefits of Decocity Products

Choosing Decocity as your supplier of choice can give the following benefits:


Versatile Uses

The uses of Decocity products are boundless, so you can apply them multiple ways in your space. From our HPL to our wall and ceiling cladding, you can count on our products to be suitable additions to your home or office—in style. Go for interior wall covers or even kitchen applications.


Durable Style

Our products can guarantee that you never have to compromise form for function. Use materials that are resistant to water, mold, and termites without having to compromise the overall style that you want for your space.


Endless Combinations

With the sheer range of products, colors, and finishes we offer, you can experiment with all the styles you want when working with us. Mix and match various shades and textures for an interior design finish that is unforgettable.



Kitchen Surfaces & Counter Tops

Among our products, the high-pressure laminate sheets are our favorite for use in interior design and furniture. This is because they are so much fun to work into premium surfaces that hold up to daily wear and tear.


Ceiling Cladding

Our PVC ceiling sheets naturally draw the eye upward, especially in rooms with neutral-colored walls. One of our favorite ways to highlight our ceiling cladding is on high ceilings that feature skylights or unique light fixtures while also creating an optical illusion of a taller room.


Accent Walls

Decocity WPC panels for walls are a great way to create visual interest. Use our high-pressure laminates or regular wall paint for your main walls, and apply WPC panels for a striking feature wall in both corporate and residential properties. Choose from our selection of WPC fluted panels, WPC corrugated panels, or WPC outdoor panels to suit your needs and vision.

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