Find the Best Customized Furniture for Your Space!

Furniture can spell the difference between making a space livable and functional. Explore the possibilities and applications of our products to your furniture pieces by telling us what you need.

Why Choose Decocity for Furniture Applications?

Our roster of products extends to bespoke furniture applications. Below are some of the defining traits of our furniture applications.


Customizable Furniture Solutions

When you buy PVC ceiling panels and WPC fluted wall panels from us, it can be difficult to pair them with different types of furniture pieces if you are not confident in your style. Using our HPL for furniture applications makes matching interiors easier because of their many finishes and colors.

Durably Functional and Stylish

The furniture applications under our care are beautiful additions to a space. Moreso, they are impressively hardy against mold growth, water damage, and even termite invasion.


What are the Benefits of Using Decocity LAMINATE SHEETS?

Using Decocity products can give a wide range of benefits that improve the quality of life you can have in your space. Below are some common advantages you can have with our furniture applications.


Customized to Your Needs

One disadvantage of purchasing furniture off the rack is how it often fails to meet our specific needs. Our materials can be customized to hit the nail on the head for pieces that fulfill a precise and functional role in your space.


Hardy & Long-Lasting

We know that purchasing furniture is no easy feat, and that every furniture piece is a serious investment that we all want to last. Here at Decocity, each and every one of our products comes with water and mold resistance, as well as built-in termite defenses to make sure your investment lasts as long as possible.


Easy Combinations

While each of our furniture applications are stylish on their own, they become much easier to pair when used side by side with our other products and applications. From our kitchen applications to wall and ceiling claddings, make designing a breeze by combining our products together.










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