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Achieve great results through the right flooring material. Build a comfortable and stylish home with Decocity’s selection of SPC Flooring for indoor applications, and WPC Decking for outdoor applications.

Why Choose Decocity as Your SPC FLOORING Supplier?

Compact Material

Decocity SPC tiles are composed of layers that make the material long-lasting. It has a rigid core layer to resist heavy objects and daily traffic and an anti-slip layer at the bottom of the material that acts as cushion to reduce the noise when stepped on.

Seamless Design

Decocity SPC flooring is designed to secure the material from dents or scratches. Its design is suitable for homes with pets and kids since it cannot be easily dismantled.

What are the Benefits of Using Decocity FLOORING PRODUCT?

Take note of the following benefits of using Decocity flooring product the next time you decide for a flooring material option.

Easy Installation

SPC flooring uses a click-lock locking system that keeps it sturdy, stable, and seamless when installed. It does not require additional tools like glue or adhesive, nor does it disentangle easily because of daily disturbances. It is great for home and business owners, pet lovers, and a busy community.

Enhanced Functionality

Invest in a durable solution for your flooring needs with SPC flooring. It does not need frequent repairs, it is affordable and practical. It has an anti-slip and UV-resistant surface to keep it long-lasting, perfect for permanent fixtures to your space.

Aesthetic Solution

Floors take up the most of the space and therefore largely affects the appearance and comfort of the interior. SPC flooring complements the look of your home whether you want a cozy, elegant, sophisticated, extravagant, or just a comfortable space. 










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