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Decocity wall products can completely transform your walls from mere room dividers to beautiful and functional spaces. Choose Decocity as your wall covering and cladding provider today!

Why Choose Decocity as Your Wall Panel Supplier?

Secure WPC wall panels in the Philippines from a supplier that you can trust. With Decocity as your wall provider, you can expect the following:


Textural Wall Installations

Take your pick between our various wall coverings and wall cladding options. You can choose between flat wall coverings like laminate, or a more dynamic and multi-dimensional installation like that of a WPC wall panel in the Philippines.

End-to-End Integrated Solutions

Our wide range of products gives you the chance to order a cohesive combination from the get-go. From partnering our ceiling and wall panels altogether or by coordinating their installation, you can be sure that Decocity can provide topnotch products and service.


What are the Benefits of Using Decocity Wall PRODUCTS?

Avail of the following benefits by using Decocity wall applications for your residential, commercial, and corporate projects.


Diverse Design Options

Each and every one of our products comes in a wide range of finishes and colors for your consideration. Consider your personal style and the dimensions of your space and use this to come up with a wall application composition that you and your guests are sure to love.


Resilient Wall Coverings

Our wall coverings are made with resilient materials and processes that are made to withstand the elements. Our walls are guaranteed to resist water and mold damage while preventing termites from damaging your walls and compromising structural integrity.


Cohesive Design

Our wall products are designed with stunning, textured finishes and a wide array of colors. When pairing it with our ceiling panel applications, you can create a seamless look for your space. Create a dynamic waterfall wall for a high-ceilinged look that lends a touch of luxury.










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