WPC Wall Panels are a Great Choice for Design

Decocity’s WPC wall panels are made with high-quality materials for interior style with maximum resiliency and durability. Learn more about WPC wall cladding in the Philippines by inquiring from a trusted supplier with quality materials and inventory.

Learn More About Decocity’s WPC Wall Panels

Decocity carries three types of WPC wall panels in the Philippines. Browse below and find out which type of wall and ceiling panels is best suited to your space.

Corrugated Wall Panels

Price: Php 799.00

Dimensions: 17mm x 200mm x 2900mm

Corrugated wall panels are a type of structurally patterned covering with corrugation covering the outer wall for both design and practicality purposes. With its corrugation naturally offering protection and resistance against water, mold, and termite damage, corrugated wall panels are an excellent choice for indoor applications in kitchens, dining rooms, and entertainment areas.

Corrugated Panels
Corrugated Oak
Corrugated Walnut
Corrugated Light Cedar
Light Cedar
Corrugated Red Cedar
Red Cedar
Ocean Grey

Fluted Wall Panels

Price: Php 749.00

Dimensions: 20mm x 160mm x 2900mm

WPC fluted wall panels are both a stunning design element and a functional wall covering with many options of colors to fit your desired color scheme.  The fluted design and thermoplastic materials usually help to reduce water absorption and increase the longevity of your indoor walls especially when exposed to volatile elements like oil, water, and heat.

light cedar
Light Cedar
red cedar
Red Cedar
ocean grey
Ocean Grey

Outdoor Wall Panels

Price: Php 1,500.00

Dimensions: 26mm x 219mm x 2900mm

Styling outdoor spaces can be a challenge if you have very little control over your surroundings. Fortunately, the outdoor WPC wall panels add so much personality to the exterior of your home while still giving it some practicality in the form of water and weather resistance.

Outdoor Wall Panels
Outdoor Teak
Outdoor Brown
Aurora Brown
Outdoor Grey
Graphite Grey

The Benefits of Using WPC Wall Panels

Using WPC wall panel in the Philippines plays host to a variety of benefits.


Eco-Friendly Style

One of the primary problems that the Philippines faces is the immense amount of pollution. Using WPC Wall Cladding in the Philippines can give you the confidence in knowing that your design choices are as non-toxic to you as they are to the environment.


Durable Aesthetics

Being in a tropical country, our weather can sometimes get very mercurial and intimidating. By using WPC wall panels in the Philippines, you can rest easy knowing that your walls will be just fine—rain or shine. Our outdoor wall panels will look excellent because of their weather- and water-resistance, as well as defenses against termite and mold.


Versatile Application

Our WPC panel for walls also has other applications. Create divisions with an open space or add an interesting element to your backyard by using the panel as an accent against concrete or neutral-colored paint. Partner our WPC wall panels with our PVC ceiling panels in the Philippines for a stunning, winning combination.

Explore the Applications of WPC Wall Panels

There are many different wall applications available for Decocity’s WPC panels. Take inspiration from some of the examples below.

Accent Walls

Utilize the textural and visual uniqueness of a WPC fluted wall panel for a striking accent wall in your space. Not only does it add visual interest, but it can also draw the eyes of your guests to strategic parts of a room

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