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Decocity’s premium grade HPL sheets are made with high-quality materials that are perfect for long-lasting construction and interior applications.
From surfaces to furniture, get in touch with Decocity for HPL sheets that fit the needs of your project!

Our High-Pressure Laminate Products

Browse our selections of high-pressure laminate sheets and find the best finish for your design! Below are our available HPL laminate sheet finishes to suit any design you want.

Solid HPL

Solid Color HPL Laminate Sheets

Price: Php 499.00 – Php 899.00

Dimensions: 1.22m x 2.44m

Solid color laminate sheets are a perfect addition to a space with neutral colors. Whether they are used for a punchy and bold accent wall or perhaps as a neutral, solid-colored base that pairs well with textured wood-grain laminate—solid color HPL can be a sight to behold when used correctly.

Wood Grain HPL Laminate Sheets

Price: Php 899.00

Dimensions: 1.22m x 2.44m

Crave the natural finish that real wood can bring? Wood-grain laminate gives the distinct feel of organic wood to give your surface a realistic tactile experience. Go for a darker shade of high pressure laminate if you prefer a moodier or more rustic vibe or opt for lighter wood shades for a modern or farmhouse style.

Wood Grain HPL
Textured HPL

Textured HPL Laminate Sheets

Price: Php 1,499.00

Dimensions: 1.22m x 2.44m

Looking to incorporate interesting textures in your surfaces and finishes? Our textured high-pressure laminate sheets provide plenty of visual and tactile interest for guests and residents alike. Use them in residential or commercial spaces to add character to tables, cabinetry, and shelves.

Pair any of these HPL finishes with our wall and ceiling cladding for cohesive interiors that make any space look put together.

What are the Benefits of Using HPL Sheets?


Superior Versatility

HPL laminate sheets have an impressive range of application in both construction and interior design. From wall options to furnishings like surfaces and storage solutions, buying high pressure laminate is a smart choice for material that looks great across different spaces.


Reliable Durability

High-quality HPL laminate sheets are constructed to withstand the wear-and-tear of daily use. When utilized in applications that involve exposure to temperature changes and moisture such as the kitchen, dining room, or even bathroom, you can count on your HPL laminate sheets to last with minimal but regular maintenance.


Economic Choice

Unlike other material choices that require expensive and frequent maintenance like wood and marble, buying high pressure laminate provides you with stylish applications for a reasonable price upon installation and well after. Go simple with straightforward surfaces or apply it as a trendy WPC wall panel—no matter what application you choose, you can count on your choice as one with low-cost maintenance.

Applications of High Pressure Laminate Sheets

The versatility of HPL laminate sheets is one of the reasons why it is such a popular pick among newcomer and veteran builders and interior designers alike. Explore our popular applications below.









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