How to Clean and Maintain my SPC Flooring

Going home to a spotless home may just be one of the best feelings after a particularly rough day. However, cleaning our homes takes away our time, effort, and money, which some of us may not be able to afford. This is why it is important to choose materials that make cleaning and maintenance easier.

SPC Flooring is a compact material made up of limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and plasticizers which makes it a durable flooring material. It is scratch resistant, perfectly capable of handling daily stresses from kids, pets, and other things. It is also waterproof so you need not to worry about sudden spills. One of its greatest features is its ease of cleaning and maintenance, suited for everyone who wants little to no maintenance at all. However, like all flooring options, you still need to do these little precautions and guidelines to help you maintain that modern and visually appealing flooring interior. 

1. Immediately clean any spillage.

Spills left longer on the floor have a higher chance to form permanent stains. When wiping the floor with a damp cloth, make sure it is not dripping wet. Water from a dripping towel might seep deep into the seams and grow molds eventually. Wipe them immediately with a dry towel to keep the moisture out of the floors. Do not mop too often, and only do when the situation calls for it. 

2. Protect the floor to utilize its full potential.

Place safety cushions at the foot of your furniture and appliances. Invest in pads to protect the floor from heavy furniture or place mats and carpets on entrances and exits. They are inexpensive and take only little effort to install, but can protect your floors for a long time. They also serve as an added protection against accidental scratches on the floor. If you have pets, trim their nails to keep them from scratching the floor.

3. Do not drag heavy furniture on the floor.

Heavy furniture, especially if these are not padded, might damage the floor. Try to lift them up to move from one place to another. 

4. Do not use harsh chemical substances to clean your SPC flooring.

Use selected cleaners recommended only by your supplier. Remember to read the installation guides provided and do not over scrub the floor when cleaning. You can either use a broom or a vacuum cleaner, so long as you set it to a SPC flooring friendly option (using a soft brush).

5. SPC is sensitive to temperature.

It may expand or contract at high temperatures or colors may fade if exposed under the sun for a long time. Make sure to maintain a cool but dry temperature if you have SPC flooring.

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We clean our floors, not only to maintain a clean appearance of our space, but also to limit the proliferation of dirt and bacteria on the flooring surfaces and improve indoor air quality. If you have kids at home who play all day long on your floors, keeping their playtime safe and clean is the priority. The floors also speak much if you are a business owner. Not only does it provide a good impression to your clients, it also induces productivity and promotes a good working environment for the employees. Decocity offers Decolite SPC flooring available in a variety of color swatches like light cedar, narra, oak, and walnut. Choose a floor that gives a healthy balance between your daily needs and creative style. For long-lasting floors, that’s also cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing, choose SPC flooring.

Aside from SPC flooring, Decocity offers premium quality interior finishing materials like Lamerra High Pressure Laminates, Decolite WPC wall panels and Decolite PVC ceiling panels. The selection of materials is available in all Decocity and Polylite stores nationwide. Contact Decocity for more details. 

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