What are WPC Columns?

The house wouldn’t be complete with just the structure itself. Afterall, it’s the finishing work that concludes the stage of construction and will determine what eventually looks like to you as the occupant of the space.

The details in the interior are first to get noticed and what you will have to live with, which is why it is important to carefully choose the materials you will work with. The finishing work can involve the woodwork, flooring, painting, panelling, and other similar tasks. All these are an opportunity for the owner to reflect their own story, and customize it based on their lifestyle.  

WPC is a durable material popular for its construction purposes. It is a blend of multiple materials like natural wood and thermoplastics. These are then molded into its required shapes, which then create different WPC profiles. 

WPC is a material used in both interior and exterior finishing materials. Examples of which are WPC panels and WPC Columns. The difference between the two is their appearance. Unlike WPC panels that have wider width, WPC Columns are hollowed column tubes that can also be used in both walls and ceilings, proving its versatility and ease of use. WPC Columns can be used as an accent or a partition, which certainly improves the functionality of the home. It divides the area into many rooms, and does not require excessive cost in material and construction. It does not easily tarnish and rot because of moisture. Because of its features, it easily becomes a popular product to many people. 

In the Philippines, WPC Column  is widely used in home interiors, resorts, and business establishments. Good thing is, you can now purchase your finishing material with a trusted WPC Column supplier like Decocity. Aside from Decocity stores, you can also buy WPC Columns in all Polylite branches nationwide.Now with multiple branches, the process is easier and faster. Visit our website to check WPC Column prices in the Philippines. For more information, contact us

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