What is PVC Soffit?

There are certain areas in the home that do not seem important at all, but can be very crucial in protecting the house structure and completing its overall look. This is the case with exterior parts of the home that are usually hidden from view at first glance, like soffits. If you have overhanging eaves, you can find the soffit underneath, connected to the exterior wall of the house. 

What is PVC Soffit?

The main role of the soffit is to protect the exposed part of the rafters from external damage brought by rain or moisture that may come in contact, and prevents bugs or insects from residing on the roof. Usually, soffits have built-in ventilation to allow air to pass through in and out properly. Excess moisture and condensation can have detrimental effects on a building, causing dampness, mold, and mildew which will negatively affect the structural integrity of the home.  Aside from protection, soffit also elevates the exterior look of the home. It hides the exposed roof parts and helps create a seamless finish. Soffits are commonly made of wood, sheet metal, or plastics like WPC or PVC.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a commonly used material in interior finishing because of its capability to deliver optimum performance for a way lesser price compared to other materials. It is lightweight and water resistant, is not easily damaged, and visually appealing. These are some of the reasons why it is a popular material in construction. You can find it in wall panels and soffits. PVC Soffit has two types: solid and perforated. Solid is a classic soffit that has a more seamless look, because of its smooth and solid surface. Perforated, on the other hand, has rows of tiny holes that serves as the ventilation for the air to circulate in and out of the structure. In the Philippines, PVC soffit is popularly used as a PVC soffit ceiling, aside from the eaves. 

PVC Soffit panels are easy to install and do not require excessive maintenance. Although seemingly unimportant, soffits are an important detail in the exterior that can make or break the deal. PVC Soffit is a new product offered in all Decocity stores nationwide. Visit our website to check PVC soffit price in the Philippines. Contact us in the following details for more information:

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