Be Summer Ready with Outdoor Finishing Materials

The sun is out, it’s hot, and the house interior is everything but comfortable. People who spend time outdoors rise during the summer because it is proven to have good effects on one’s health, physically and mentally.  Maximize your outdoor space by designing it with the right exterior finishing materials to use.

1. Think of your outdoor space.

Answer yourself the following questions: (1) Do you have an existing space to work with and only want to improve? (2) What functionalities do you want to add? (3) What is your working budget? Visualize the place you want to achieve. Others spend time outdoors on a veranda beside the pool. Others would want a cozy space with a natural touch to breathe fresher air. 

There are several ways you can elevate your outdoor space even when constrained with a budget. A little change here and there can make a big difference. Placing outdoor WPC wall panels on your front porch or patio can make the space lively to spend time with and to look at. It’s quick and easy to install so you won’t have to worry about the installation. 

2. Choose a material to use.

The right material matters. Since the outdoor materials are constantly exposed to weather changes, it is prone to its negative effects like discoloration, everyday wear and tear, and material brittleness. If your outdoor material cannot withstand all these conditions, it will only lead to a waste of time, effort, and money. Choose materials that are proven to be popular choices for outdoor applications like WPC Outdoor Wall Panels and WPC Decking. The wood and plastic fibers in the composite material contribute to the strength and durability that WPC offers. WPC Decking is a recommended alternative to wood outdoor decking because it can mimic wood visually, but need little to no maintenance at all. It is capable of resisting pressure from high temperatures and high traffic areas, and is a visually appealing material as well.

When it comes to choosing colors, selecting a swatch that matches the color of nature is better. Tones that compliment the outdoor elements like wood, plants, or sky are perfect colors for the outdoors. Neutral or dark tones can also work as it provides contrast wonderfully. Decocity offers Outdoor WPC panels for walls and WPC floor decking in the following swatches:

WPC Outdoor Panels– Aurora Brown, Graphite Grey, Teak

WPC Decking– Light Cedar, Oak, Ocean Grey, Red Cedar, Walnut, Wenge, White Cream

3. Add accessories and other furniture.

Finish off your outdoor space with accessories and pieces of furniture that can highlight the use of the space and elevate it visually. The best way to add the right mood of your space is installing the right lighting. You can opt for skylight roofing for a more natural look, or use artificial lighting that can supplement the outdoors at night. Nothing screams summer more than the color and texture of a potted plant. Adding a plant or two will surely liven up the space, making it look more organic and authentic. Plus, the pop of color will add contrast. 

Decocity offers finishing materials to use for both interior and exterior needs. With multiple swatches and profiles available, your design story can be made possible. Trust the leading supplier of WPC wall panels and WPC Decking in the Philippines, for high quality finishing requirements. Contact Decocity now.

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