Considerations in Choosing a Floor Color

It is easy to choose one favorite color to use daily in your clothes, your accessories, or for more permanent things like hair color. But for bigger applications, which need careful considerations, knowing all your options certainly help. With a variety of options in the market, choosing one with no direction may only cause the room to look cluttered and messy. The decision may rely solely on what you feel for the day, without careful consideration of the lights in the room, or the original reason of what it was for.

A great advice is to narrow it down by first choosing which flooring material you want for the area, by deciding which would suit your needs. One popular option in a lot of modern city homes, however big or small, is the aesthetics of wood and wood-like flooring. It is a great way to show off a serene setting in an otherwise busy, and fast-paced environment. It is calming to the eyes, and is a quick and timeless option. It has a variety of swatches available, in dark or light colors, in bigger or smaller grains. An example of this material is SPC flooring.

SPC flooring is a compact, rigid panel that can be used in both residential and commercial applications, because of its features. SPC flooring usually mimics the color and patterns of wood, which makes it a viable choice for people who want the look and visual of wood without the hefty price tag, and the hassle of upkeep and maintenance. Not only does it look good, it can also keep up with the busy traffic for a long time. Before deciding on your next color, take note of some of these considerations:

1. Functionality of the Room

Is the room your family living room or the kitchen? Is it your child’s room, aged between 3-5 years? Will you use the room as your home office? Colors play a huge part in a person’s psyche, so carefully match it with your room’s functionality. Since the walls of the children’s rooms are usually in fun and bright colors, try to match it with light colored floors to create an ambience that’s easy to see as they play. Lighter floor colors also make it easier for you to see the dirt accumulated on its surface, as well as the tiny parts which may have gone from their toys. 

Darker floor colors may be a good option for offices since it sets the room apart as a workspace. Bold and rich colors are commonly used to highlight the room’s functional properties and keep one’s focus at work and tasks at hand. Dark colors can also work in a variety of design styles that stand the test of time. Neutrals are great in bedrooms or living rooms, places where you relax and spend most of your time, because it is warm and comfortable to the eyes.

2. Size of the Room

Colors change our perception of the room. Colors can either make the space appear smaller or bigger. In most cases, the lighter colors make the space look larger and spacious, specially when matched with the walls and ceilings because our vision does not stop in the borders, tricking our mind into thinking it is more spacious. The opposite is the effect with dark colors which makes the space look more enclosed and intimate.

3. Existing Elements in the Room

You might be renovating the old flooring, or throwing the outdated carpet after you’ve had it for so long. This is the perfect opportunity to choose a new color, with careful consideration of the existing pieces of the room, especially if the floor is the only variable that you will change. Think of the color of the walls. Since the floors and the walls take up most of the visual space, these two are mostly matched together to get a pleasing effect. Some designers suggest choosing opposite floor colors for the wall colors. For example, if you have warm tones for walls, choose cool tones for the floors. However, you may also consider creating a harmony with different shades of the same color for the floor and the walls. The effect would be different, but it will be good nonetheless. 

If you are choosing a color for a newly created room, then it might be easier for you to decide which color will suit your space better. The challenge will have to be matching it with the design style you have in mind, and deciding which part of the space you want to emphasize the most, to prevent the elements from clashing one another. The general rule is to check the undertones of the elements inside the room so you can decide whatever compliments it better. You can go in different paths- either a contrasting or monochromatic interior. Striking the perfect balance between all of these elements is the key to make it better.

4. Light Present

The number, its temperature, as well as the placement of lights in the area will help you determine the appropriate floor color because it can easily change our perception of the interior. A brighter room gives you more freedom in choosing a floor color because you can choose a darker color without worrying about making the space look dark or boxed. If you want a darker floor color, then you may need to compensate by placing sufficient artificial light into the space. 

Consider both artificial and natural light in the area. Artificial lighting has more creative liberty to use bright colors to decorate the area. Neutrals, woodgrains, and monochromes work best in natural light because it keeps a calm and serene setting. This is prevalent in minimalist and nature inspired houses.

After reading all these considerations, you still need to think about your preferences. After all, the final choice will be yours. It will be a space where you will probably spend most of your time, where your style and personality is reflected the most. Remember that while all these considerations are important, you don’t need to follow the rules per se. After all, some rules are meant to be broken, and the person living should still decide which is better for him/her. 

Where to Buy SPC Flooring

A perfect and hassle free home renovation can only be done with a good material and a trusted supplier. Decocity is a trusted SPC flooring supplier that offers a wide variety of options for interior finishing materials in different areas of the home. With multiple locations nationwide, convenience and quality materials are at hand. You can view a wide expanse of swatches available for SPC Flooring, as well as high pressure laminates, WPC wall panels, and PVC ceiling panels, in the products section of Decocity website to keep you updated of the new colors and products that Decocity offers. SPC Flooring can be both in selected Polylite stores and all Decocity stores nationwide.

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