Why Kitchen Laminate is the Ideal Choice for Your Project

Using High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) for kitchen construction and renovation projects has been increasingly popular with architects and interior designers. Their wide range of design patterns, food-safe surfaces, and long-lasting durability make them the perfect choice for everyday use—giving architects the freedom to follow their design while maintaining low costs.

Now that you’re reading this, you probably already have an idea of what HPL sheets are. But to give a brief recap, HPL is a finishing material used for a variety of home improvement products. It’s a combination of decorative paper and resin—­­which is why it comes in various patterns, versatile textures, and offers reliable durability.

One of its most popular applications is using them in kitchen spaces and here are the reasons it makes sense for your kitchen’s construction or renovation project!

Using Kitchen Laminate Sheets

Using wood laminate for kitchen applications is trending right now in the design and construction community because it offers these key features:

  • Food-safe surfaces for everyday kitchen use
  • Resistant to wear and tear due to meal preparation, dishwashing, and cleaning
  • Longevity for greater ROI when compared to other materials
modern kitchen with hpl laminates

It’s Safe to Use for Food

The combination of resin and melamine paper is the reason laminates are liquid-resistant—making them perfect for humid spaces in your house. And with antibacterial innovations to HPL sheets, you won’t have to worry about bacterial growth as you use them for your kitchen.

Prepping food for some dinner guests later? There’s no need to worry! You can slice up your food on laminate surfaces and clean it up easily.

It Can Survive Daily Activities

On average, you use the kitchen at least thrice a day. It’s unavoidable that scratches or spills happen on your counter, and sometimes, you even have accidental splashes that spill over to your cabinets.

When using high-pressure laminates, you won’t have to worry about ruining your kitchen just because of a few accidents. HPL is built to have resistance over some liquid and chemical damages, which ensures that you can use them for your everyday meal preps.

Just make sure that you clean them up right away to retain that original HPL shine.

It Can Save You Money on Repairs

Since HPL sheets are generally durable, you can expect to use them for a long time. You can save money on having to replace kitchen fixtures and surfaces because HPL is built to last. It can save you from costly renovations and maintenance because it can withstand the wear and tear of daily activities.

Build lifelong good memories with your friends and family in the kitchen whether you’re cooking, eating, or just plain hanging out.

Types of HPL for the Kitchen That You Can Use

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of available designs for high-pressure laminate sheets. For your kitchen designs, there are conventional, creative, and crazy ideas you can whip up to incorporate HPL installation in your spaces.

kitchen with hpl laminates

Solid Color

Solid-colored laminates are great if you want a timeless classic design. Instead of using paint, you can use high-gloss solid-colored HPL sheets to add a shinier effect to your kitchen’s design.

As an example, you can ask your suppliers for “piano-finished” laminates so that your kitchen fixtures can achieve a polished and elegant vibe with that extra shine.

Additionally, you can use solid-colored HPL sheets to add an accent to your kitchen walls and fixtures. If it seems too “bare” to you, adding an accent wall or accent panels will elevate your space in an artistic way—possibly even making it a conversation piece for guests that encounter them.

If you have enough time and resources, you can even alternate and combine solid-colored laminates to create patterns with them. Treat them as you would with paint and express your creativity with HPL.


With woodgrain high-pressure laminates, you can incorporate a more natural look into your kitchen and create a warmer space. And with the wide variety of choices in woodgrain patterns, you can match them with the themes of your other rooms, flooring, or your tables.

Attain that natural “Team Kahoy” look without having to spend too much money on materials and create a cozy kitchen space that you and your family can enjoy. You can even mix and match woodgrain HPL sheets with solid-colored ones to create a more unique design to your space.


One of the more popular patterns is textured woodgrain laminates. Choosing this type of HPL will further accentuate the wooden charm of your kitchen fittings and furniture.

The textured HPLs can further create the illusion that you are actually using real natural wood in your kitchen, making the space seem more elegant while maintaining its warmth and coziness.

By now you might be thinking “It’s textured so it might stain more.” Well, since these textured laminates have the same properties as flat laminates, you can still easily clean them even if you have accidental spills. Just make sure to wipe them off with mild soapy water to get the oils out.

Improving your Space with Kitchen Laminates

Using high-pressure laminates is always a good idea to beautify your space. Incorporating the material into your kitchens has proven to enhance both the design and the functionality of the space without breaking the bank.

If you properly care for your laminated surface, it can go the distance and last for many years. HPL is proven to be a smart investment for your kitchen or any other home improvement project you may engage in.

modern kitchen with hpl

Partnering with Decocity for Your Kitchen Needs

Now that you know the why high-pressure laminates are the ideal choice for your kitchens, partner with us to supply your home construction needs!

When choosing your interior design materials suppliers, you’ll want to work with an organization that you can trust to consistently provide you with high-quality materials and reliable service.

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