New WPC Wall Panels Design Alert!

Suppose you’re looking for a new material to use to create texture and detail to your interior. There are a lot of materials available these days. But what sets each of them apart? How do you know this is the right material to use? Decocity presents a new interior finishing product in the market, which gives sophistication a new different meaning. Read on to get to know WPC Mini Curtain and WPC Half Round Panels. 

WPC Mini Curtain and WPC Half Round panels have the same use in the interior: adding keen details to the wall, or just any surface, creating a whole new dimension with just the use of it. You can easily distinguish the two from each other because of their profiles. WPC Mini Curtain is also sometimes referred to as WPC Concave Panels because of its shape. It mimics the shape of the curtain, hence the name, with details, folds, and curves that show a classic and minimalistic vibe. WPC Half round panels on the hand, are referred to as WPC Convex Panels because of its shape, with the surface resembling the exterior of a circle or a sphere.  

Just like any type of WPC wall panels, WPC mini curtain and WPC  half round panels are water and termite resistant, are low maintenance, and easy to install. By using these profiles, you can strike both design and durability in your list. WPC Mini curtains and WPC Half Round panels will soon be available in all Decocity stores nationwide. Be updated by following us on the following social media pages:

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