Different PVC Board and Sheet Uses in Construction and Architecture

Construction and architecture have seen a fair share of innovation when it comes to materials and building tools. From using high-cost materials with average durability, constructions now have a wealth of choices and alternatives that are not only affordable and cost-effective but are also durable and offer longer lifespans for construction. One of these alternative materials is the PVC board, also known as PVC panels or PVC sheets, depending on their use and application. In this article, we’ll talk about how PVC boards and sheets are used, and what sets them apart from other traditional building materials.

What Are PVC Sheets Used For?

PVC sheets are the thinner variants of PVC boards, and are commonly used in indoor applications, such as for decorative and aesthetic purposes. Here are some of the most common uses for PVC sheets in construction and interior design today.

Decorative Applications for PVC Sheets

Thanks to their lightweight and highly customizable properties, PVC sheets are considered one of the top choices today for cost-effective decorative options for homes, offices, and other service settings. Here are some examples:

Frosted Window Films

PVC sheets are produced into films for various industrial purposes, including the production of shower curtains, protective sheets, and packaging materials. Some manufacturers also offer frosted window films, designing PVC sheets with adhesive to allow homeowners to apply decorative designs or privacy films on glass windows and doors. This PVC sheet application offers durable and quality-tested privacy solutions for homes and offices alike.


Thanks to PVC’s strength and long-lasting properties, PVC sheets are also used as wallpapers or protective wall covers. PVC sheets are scratch resistant, waterproof, and highly customizable, so homeowners wouldn’t need to switch up wallpapers every few years due to fading or degradation.

Interior Signages

PVC boards and sheets are also used for interior signages for businesses and brands. Because PVC is manufactured to be as easily printable as possible, business owners can easily commission PVC manufacturers to produce signages or signboards at affordable prices.

Ceiling Cladding

PVC sheets are also used for interior ceiling applications and are typically produced with different themes and colors for maximum adaptability to a home or building’s aesthetic. PVC sheet ceiling claddings can help highlight and enhance the look of any room. Compared to plywood or other ceiling materials, PVC ceiling claddings are waterproof, durable, and easy to customize depending on your preferences.

Decorative Wall Panels

Add some flair to any room with PVC sheet decorative wall panels. In this application, PVC board sheets are used to accentuate and add depth to a house or building interiors. Enhance the appearance of your walls or cover up minor imperfections with the beautiful styles and unique designs of PVC sheet wall and ceiling cladding.

Functional Uses for PVC Sheets

While PVC boards and sheets are commonly used to improve the aesthetic properties of home or building interiors, their durability and strength also make them great options for other functional uses at home and even in business settings. These include:

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floorings made with PVC sheets are commonly used as alternatives to hardwood. Produced with the likeness of natural wood, PVC vinyl offers affordable yet durable substitutes without the need for constant maintenance as compared to real wood. Made with water-resistant materials and durable commercial-grade wear layers, vinyl flooring is a competitive alternative to any type of flooring for homes, buildings, and commercial spaces.

Shop Protective Shields

Physical stores and shops usually have designated areas for payment and customer transactions. PVC boards and sheets can be used to establish a barrier between customers and personnel for both privacy and security. Thanks to PVC’s high customizability, shop owners can personalize these barriers to fit their shop needs and requirements.

Kitchen Wall Splashbacks

Protect your kitchen from oil, food debris, and other liquids that may splash and stick to surrounding walls. PVC sheets may be used for kitchen wall splashbacks thanks to their near-waterproof properties and easy-to-clean characteristics. They are also durable and long-lasting, so you wouldn’t have to worry about swapping them out periodically for new materials.

Bathroom Ceiling

Traditional bathroom ceilings have a higher chance of decomposition and degradation due to the high amounts of moisture and steam that they are exposed to daily. PVC boards and sheets may be applied as bathroom ceilings to offer waterproof solutions that invite little to no opening for molds and mildew growth. If you’re looking for high-quality ceiling solutions, you can check out Decocity, one of the Philippines’ trusted manufacturers of PVC ceiling claddings.

Other Types of PVC Boards Are Available in the Market

PVC boards come in different thicknesses and sizes, depending on your construction needs. Outdoor applications naturally require thicker and heftier densities to be able to fortify a home and ensure maximum strength and durability, while indoor applications can use thinner PVC board varieties.

Since architectures today utilize PVC boards for extensive building applications, manufacturers have made it a point to provide numerous varieties to suit customer needs. PVC boards come in three primary types: foam boards, panels, and sheets. These PVC variants share the same composition, albeit have different weights and thicknesses to accommodate customers’ resistance and durability needs.

If you’re looking for PVC ceiling sheets, boards, and building materials that are built to last, you can send us a message at Decocity and we’ll walk you through the recommended options for your construction plans.

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