PVC Ceiling Panel Profiles and When to use it

The availability of new materials in the market like PVC ceiling panels pave the way to making ceilings a dynamic, elevated part of the home. Today, the ceiling is not just a plain fifth wall. It can be fun, bold, classic, and sophisticated, with the variety of profiles, materials, colors, and installation that can be done with it.  An example of this is PVC, a material  commonly used for plastic wall and ceiling panels. PVC Ceiling panels offer a variety of profiles and colors. Find out about their differences and when to use to it by reading more:

1. Seamless

The seamless profile reimagines the classic ceiling look with a smooth, clear surface that has no ridges or corrugations. The tongue and groove profile of each panel facilitates the use of this profile to form a flat, leveled, ceiling.

Choose this if:

You are testing the waters for your home and this is the first time you will be using PVC ceiling sheets. You can never go wrong with the classic look of a ceiling. It mimics the traditional ceilings, with a touch of modernity and added aesthetics.

2. V- Groove

V-groove got its name from the V-shaped end of the ceiling panel that is formed when installed. It is a simple and subtle design that is striking and sophisticated all the same.

Choose this if:

You are bored of the usual flat ceiling design and you want to be creative without going in too much. It is classy, sophisticated, and fits any interior like a glove. It is commonly used in living rooms, but who’s to say you can’t use it in the kitchen or the bedroom?

3. DU- Groove

Unlike the seamless profile, DU-groove has an apparent corrugation that divides the panel into two. It makes the space interesting with dips and grooves that mimics the cabin or barn house ceilings.

Choose this if:

You are inspired by the rustic design style and wanted to add details and stray away from the usual ceilings. This is a versatile profile that can be used in both commercial and interior spaces. 

4. TU- Groove

TU-groove has a tri-groove corrugation that emphasizes and gives detail to your ceilings. TU-groove is the latest design profile from Decocity that will surely fit any kind of interior. 

Choose this if:

You want to emphasize the use of details in your interior. An eye-catching design profile like TU-groove automatically directs the eyes of your home visitors upward, gaining that great first impression. 

The profiles of PVC Ceiling Panels differ in design and aesthetics, but the same features of PVC ceiling panels are present in all four. It is durable enough to withstand termite infestation, mold, and water. It is a low maintenance material that will look good without daily cleaning or maintenance. It is light and easy to install, saving you both time and effort in the process. If you are worried about a variety of colors to match your existing interior, all PVC ceiling panels are available in classic, beloved swatches like Narra, Oak, Walnut, and Wenge, and with a new popular addition too, in White Oak swatch.

Buy PVC ceiling panels only from a trusted supplier like Decocity. The price and quality of each panel is a guarantee that we can be proud of. Check our social media pages to see our projects and installations. Aside from wall and ceiling panels, Decocity is also a trusted supplier of SPC flooring, WPC Columns, High Pressure Laminates, WPC Decking, and PVC Soffit. Visit our website to find the nearest location near you

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