10 PVC Panel Design Ceiling Ideas to Elevate Your Home

As a homeowner, you surely want your ceiling to look amazing and last a long time while saving on the total cost. By using PVC panel boards for ceilings, you can get these three benefits all together.

If you’ve been considering PVC panels for your ceilings, you’re on the right path. Let us inspire you with 10 exciting ceiling design ideas with PVC panels.  

What is PVC?

For starters, PVC is a widely used material, particularly for home interiors. To understand why this is so, let’s first discuss what is PVC.

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is a type of thermoplastic that is made by linking together vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) molecules and then combining them with chemical additives and plasticizers. PVC can be used for a wide range of products, including ceiling panels.

Rigid PVC is the type often used in the construction industry. In particular, PVC panels are used for indoor walls, ceilings, dividers, doors, as well as some furniture.

PVC is popular because it’s inexpensive and yet it offers numerous benefits. PVC panels are lightweight and easy to work with. Despite that seeming malleability, they have significant resistance to impact, water, and heat. They also require very little maintenance. Plus, they can be fashioned in a lot of different ways, which is why they are always in high demand.

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What are the Different Types of PVC Ceiling Sheets?

There are three types of PVC ceiling sheets that you can use in your home:

Seamless PVC Ceiling Panels

Seamless PVC ceiling panels have a flawless tongue and groove attachment. When installed, these panels appear as if it’s one whole piece.

V-Groove Paneling Ceiling

V-groove paneling ceiling have a V-shaped indentation on their edges where the tongue and groove attach. The resulting finish has distinct lines that serve as the design.

DU-Groove PVC Ceiling Panels

This style of PVC ceiling panel has another groove in addition to the groove in the tongue and groove attachment. The DU-groove PVC ceiling panels have a ribbed structure that adds to their design.

10 PVC Ceiling Panel Design Ideas for Your Home

Now that you know what PVC ceiling sheets and its different types are, it’s time to discover the different ways you can make use of them in your home.

PVC ceiling panels are incredibly versatile, which presents you with so many ways to enhance your home’s interior. Here are 10 PVC ceiling designs for the home:

1. Backlit Ceiling

A backlit ceiling adds depth and improves the ambiance of any room. A PVC panel is a cost-effective way to add another layer of ceiling that will diffuse the lights. You can also take advantage of the PVC panels’ different finishes to incorporate color or texture into your interior.

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2. Flat Ceiling

A flat ceiling can be sleek and elegant when done right. You can create a perfectly flat ceiling with a PVC panel. And if you’re truly creative, you can choose from a variety of designs to add character to the room.

While the seamless PVC ceiling panels will work well to achieve a flat ceiling, you could also modify the design with V-groove paneling.

3. Geometric Ceiling Design

If you want a more modern interior, you may want to consider a geometric ceiling design. You can create geometric shapes or abstract patterns using PVC panels. You can even incorporate recessed lighting to emphasize this PVC panel ceiling design.

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4. Wooden Finish

You don’t need to use real wood to achieve a rustic feel in your home. You can use PVC panels with a wooden finish to save money and minimize upkeep. You can choose from Decocity’s different wood finishes—Wenge, Walnut, Narra, Oak, and White Oak—to attain your dream design.

5. Tray Ceiling

A tray ceiling, or a recessed ceiling, has two layers. Its outer edges are lower than the center, resembling an inverted tray. This type of ceiling is often used to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. You can better execute this ceiling design with PVC panels. How? Well, you can accentuate the recessed ceiling, for example, by using a darker color for the recessed area.

6. Striped Ceiling

A striped ceiling is guaranteed to be a real head-turner. You can play with the lines’ direction as well as colors. Form straight lines, diagonal lines, or zigzag lines in your ceiling with PVC ceiling panels.

Striped ceilings can be simple or eccentric, depending on what you desire. This unusual design could make an otherwise boring interior appear fun and exciting.

7. Coffered Ceiling

Take your interior design up a notch with a coffered ceiling. Inspired by Baroque architecture, a coffered ceiling has exposed or faux beams arranged in a grid pattern. Because of these beams, the ceiling appears to be indented.

You can recreate this design in your home by using PVC for the ceiling area as well as for the faux beams.  This design can give off an elegant aesthetic but works best for homes with high ceilings.

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8. Color-blocked Ceiling

One of the simplest but most eye-catching PVC ceiling design ideas is color blocking. It’s a great way to add a colorful twist to a room.

You can use a PVC panel to turn your ceiling into a different color from your walls, making it an accent wall. Alternatively, you can highlight a section of the room with a bolder color.

9. Suspended Ceiling

A suspended ceiling can make your home look modern and stylish. Play with negative space, lighting, and geometric shapes to make your home truly unique.

PVC panels will come in handy as the backdrop of the suspended ceiling so you can maintain a polished finish. Because PVCs are quite versatile, they can also be shaped in different ways and be used for the suspended ceiling itself.

pvc ceiling

10. Lattice or Open Drop Ceiling

This type of ceiling follows the concept of a suspended ceiling. Given its name, the ceiling is suspended from the roof. However, instead of a solid block, the suspended ceiling has openings.

The open drop ceiling can have openings with a simple grid pattern, a lattice pattern, or something more ornate. The design is completely up to you.

Thanks to its design, the open drop ceiling can make a room appear lighter and more spacious.

Design Your Home with Decocity’s PVC Ceiling Panel

Balance form and function with PVC home ceiling designs. Inexpensive, durable, and versatile—these are the qualities that make PVC a popular choice among construction professionals and homeowners.

As one of the most trusted manufacturers of PVC ceiling panels in the Philippines, Decocity brings together quality and style. With topnotch PVC, you get the most value for your money while achieving the design you have in mind.

Get in touch with us to learn how Decocity can help you make your home better.

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