SPC Flooring for Workspaces

Have you ever wondered why coffeeshops with a good ambience seem to be a conducive place to work and study for many people? The interior, together with the people you are with, contributes to the overall condition of one’s productivity. The same thing is applied in office spaces, where people spend the majority of their time with. If done correctly, it can significantly affect the employees’ behavior and boost their productivity and morale. It builds a sense of community and inspires everyone to be productive. Designing interiors not only involves the color theory and its relation to human behavior, it also includes choosing the right materials that will work well with other elements of the interior to provide the intended purpose of the space.

The same thing is applied with interior floors, which not only take most of our sight immediately, but also a material we are all in contact with continuously. In choosing the flooring material, the comfort and aesthetics are valued incredibly.

Flooring material is specifically important in workplaces because it is a communal place where many people spend most of their time. Listed below are some of the things to consider when choosing the flooring material for workspaces:

1. Think of the space where the floors will be installed.

Floors are subjected to everyday traffic which may cause immediate wear and tear if the material used cannot bear the constant weight of people walking or heavy pieces of furniture. What are its main functions? Does it bear the most foot traffic? If yes, consider an anti-slip material to prevent accidents from happening. Is the location a place where people come and go frequently, like the pantry, or the reception area? If yes, make sure to choose a durable material that would last for a long time.

2. Consider the long term use of the material, as well as the overall life cycle of the product.

While some materials are visually appealing, learn that these materials can fade, warp, or discolor as time passes. This will cause you to either repair or replace the material which takes time, effort, and money. However, some materials can also last for a long time with minimal maintenance. Choose a material that combines form and function.

3. Consider how long it would take the material to be installed.

Does it require months to acquire and install? For some materials, it will take multiple manpower and a fair amount of time to install, which are added to the overall cost aside from the material itself. Also consider the ease of repair and replacement in case the floor gets damaged. Since it is an office space where people are always busy, lesser repair time means less distractions and can make the employees focus on their tasks at hand.

4. Check the cleaning and maintenance procedure of the product.

Of course, all floors, whatever material it may be made of, will have to be maintained one way or another. The difference would be on how easy and how often maintenance should be done to keep its pristine condition. Before you decide on the material, think about how often it needs to be cleaned and maintained, especially in office spaces where the safety and health of the people are the utmost priority. Unlike carpeted floors where dirt and grimes can linger if not cleaned everyday, choose a material that requires minimal cleaning even when intensive cleaning is scheduled rarely.

5. Choose the floor color together with the material.

The color will also depend on your chosen flooring material, since some flooring materials have limitations on their color offerings. Floor colors are important because it affects our psyche directly, which either heightens or lowers our emotions, makes us productive or makes us moody and sluggish.

6. Consider the overall cost.

When you think about the cost, think about the cost of the material, along with the cost of installation and manpower, and cleaning and maintenance. Consider all these and cross check with the material’s life span. A cheap material doesn’t directly translate to an efficient material that lasts a long time. Sometimes, the repair and replacement can cost more than the material’s initial price, so think about these things.

The office design speaks a lot of your business more than you think. You can tell your brand story, speak about what the business is about, and make your clients trust you more. This includes all aspects of the interior like floors and ceilings, the walls and the color scheme, along with other elements that will be placed. Highlighting comfort and style in the workspace, also shows empathy and involvement to the employees by increasing their comfort and enjoyment in a place where they spend most of their time. Choose a flooring material that checks a lot of the considerations listed above. Align the company needs and wants with your budget and finalize which flooring material to use.

SPC flooring

SPC flooring consists of limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and plasticizers, which makes it compact and durable for any flooring application. It is available in different swatches, with patterns that mimic wood, but without the hefty price tag. Although it is mainly popular in domestic applications, SPC floors can also handle commercial spaces, and the atmosphere of an office setting. It combines form and function to ensure that your office can keep looking refined and durable even for a long time.

SPC flooring is also chemical and formaldehyde free, which keeps the environment and the air quality clean and free of volatile compounds, which are dangerous if you are constantly exposed. SPC flooring also keeps dirt, grime and other elements from accumulating from its surface. It can be easily installed and requires little time to assemble so replacement and construction can easily be done in busy areas like the pantry or reception. It lessens costs of replacement and cleaning, because it requires minimal maintenance unlike other flooring materials.

Where to buy SPC flooring

Decocity offers a variety of high quality interior finishing materials like high pressure laminates, ceiling panels, outdoor and indoor wall panels, and SPC flooring. SPC flooring has been popular in the Philippines lately because of its features, which caught the attention of home and business owners alike, for their residential and commercial spaces. If you want a flooring material that marries form and function beautifully, buy SPC flooring. SPC Flooring is available in selected Polylite stores and all Decocity stores nationwide. You can visit the site to directly buy interior finishing materials like high pressure laminates or PVC ceiling panels. You can also follow us on our social pages or message us for more inquiries.

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