Why Should You Use WPC Exterior Wall Cladding?

Your home is your sanctuary and is something you look forward to seeing after long days. It is where you seek shelter and feel most at ease, so it is important to design your home with the best materials. Using WPC Panels for your outdoor walls will give both durability and elegance to your home.

But First, What is WPC Exterior Wall Cladding?

If you’re here, it’s likely that you want to have parts of your home look brand new again or simply want the best materials for your new home. With WPC, you will not only be investing in your home’s stability but also the classiness of its design.

Wood plastic composite or WPC is a material used for interior and architectural designs. It is made from a combination of reclaimed wood particles and fibers with recycled plastic. Its popularity grew due to its structural benefits, its sustainability, and its different applications to a myriad of areas in your home.

In recent years, WPC has grown its global market size by USD 5.76 billion with a forecasted growth of 11.5% from 2022 to 2030. This entails that more and more people are choosing to use WPC as part of their home construction be it in furniture, interiors, or exteriors, and with good reason!

The Benefits of Using WPC for Your Walls

Each WPC panel is composed of 15% wood, 15% additives, and 70% virgin polymer. This combination gives the advantages of both plastics and wood in one superior material. It’s a recyclable and reliable material that would be a valuable addition to your home structure and here is why.


While traditional wood panels need to be maintained every 3-5 years, using WPC as the exterior wall cladding is an ideal alternative as it can last up to 20-30 years with little to no maintenance. The combined properties of wood and plastic make the panels waterproof, weather-resistant, and termite-resistant, which means it’s easy to clean and you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing them every few years.

The material itself does not rot or decay, does not require regular oiling or staining, and its colors don’t easily fade due to its UV ray resistance. You will only need a little water and mild soap to give the panels their original shine. Think about what you will be able to save from maintenance alone just by using WPC panels in your home.

Fire Resistant

The composition of WPC panels could stop the absorption or flow of oxygen—which is the main element in spreading fires. When the heat hits the panels, it releases chlorine which stops the absorption of oxygen and swells to form a condensed layer that stops oxygen flow. These self-extinguishing properties make WPC good for exterior walls.

Using WPC panels could help slow down the spread of fire in case there’s a breakout. But of course, additional fire safety measures for your homes are still preferred.

Mold Repellent

Among the other characteristics that make WPC highly durable, the plastic properties of WPC panels make them resistant to biodegradation like the growth of mold and fungi. This complements WPC’s inability to retain moisture, which is where mold and fungi usually come from.

So, for homeowners who have to deal with constant rainfall, it makes a lot of sense to choose WPC panels as they’re made to withstand a broken roof, a leaking drainage pipe, and extreme weather conditions like floods.


The safety characteristics of WPC are not the only reason why it’s such a great material. More of its functionalities like insulation makes it a suitable addition to your home.

One of the main reasons people choose wood paneling is because of its amazing temperature insulation properties. And since WPC offers the same properties with the inclusion of plastics, it performs even better than wooden panels. With WPC, you can keep your homes cool from the heat of the summer, or warm during cold rainy days.

Other than having excellent temperature insulation, WPC is also best used for sound insulation. Some WPCs are structured specifically to absorb sound and are best for those who want to use them as an additional measure of privacy. There’s no need to worry about installing soundproofing foams if you have WPC panels installed in your home.

Easy to Install

With all the functional benefits of WPCs, the next question is how complicated it is to set up. The answer: not at all!

WPC panels are designed to be installed easily using conventional tools. Its material composition is even better at holding the load of screws and nails, making it stronger and more reliable.

With our offerings here at Decocity, we use a tongue-and-groove locking system that simplifies the installation process. The tongue-and-groove system is meant to interlock by tilting two panels at about a 30-degree angle and then pushing them together and sliding them in place.

Usually, it is still advisable to have professionals install your WPC panels. However, those who want to engage in do-it-yourself projects can easily do so, too.

Stylish in Every Way

WPC offers many elegant designs that you can choose from. It could be used as an accent for your walls or even as added insulation and it would still come out beautifully.

Other common uses for the WPC include using them in your outdoor decks, fences, interior walls and ceilings, kitchen fixtures, and furniture like cabinets and dressers. All its features make it an ideal material to use for parts of your home that you deem fit.

Here at Decocity, we offer Fluted Outdoor Panels that come in Teak, Aurora Brown, and Graphite Gray. You can mix and match these panels depending on the aesthetic you are going for.

Aside from exterior wall cladding, you can also use WPC for other paneling projects. It could be used for your kitchen, furniture, ceilings, fences, and even your outdoor decks. We also offer different high-quality exterior finishes for the WPC, with different recommendations on how you can use them in your space.

Test your creativity with the limitless application of WPC.

Deco City is Your One-Stop Shop for WPC Wall Panels and More

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Using WPC as your exterior wall cladding has many benefits. Its sustainable properties make it the best option for long-term use without the hassle of constant tedious maintenance. You won’t have to worry about its exposure to different forms of weather as it will retain its durability in any form of environmental conditions.

Additionally, if you are someone who values being ecological, you can rest assured that WPC was made with eco-consciousness as its core value, limiting hazardous chemicals that will negatively affect our surroundings and people.

After all, your home serves as your sanctuary–keep it safe, secure, and stylish with WPC wall panels that are durable enough to last for decades to come. If you’d like to check out Decocity’s WPC Products, visit our selection or get in touch with us.

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